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welcome to leadguy

Spending hour upon hour looking for freelance work is a time consuming, often frustrating task. Trust us, we do it 7 days a week. LeadGuy was started by  Freelancers in your position. The effort you go to for work is not lost on us, the hours you put in looking for a hint of a lead is well known.

We are offering to take on that role for you. Every day, all day, from publications you never considered, to the biggest websites. All leads are filtered for certain criteria:

  • Remoteness
  • Freelance
  • Offers a fair, realistic compensation

We don’t deal in a race to the bottom. All freelancers have a marketable skill and deserve to be payed as such.

At $19.99 per month, less than 67¢ per day,  we are significantly cheaper than hiring a full time employee with experience to do this for you, and allows you the time to work on what matters. Paid jobs and your portfolio.


  • Graphic Designers
  • Javascript
  • Web design, mobile design, UI & UX

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