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Made by Freelancers, for Freelancers. Working remotely is a difficult, cut throat job. We’re trying to ease the stress.


new, simple and obsessive

Freelancers get a bum deal. Remote Freelancers even worse. The job market is changing, tech is growing and suddenly everybody and their pet dog is working from home. Most of us have a funnel driving clients to our services, but quiet spells happen. Then what? We spend ages searching for work, some of us even falling into the race to the bottom, bidding on projects for pitiful compensation.

Us here at LeadGuy want to fill that gap. We’re a new site but are by no means new to the market. We spend all day searching and monitoring a wide range of websites and publications, online and offline, across the world, in multiple languages (we’re polyglots) to find leads worth pursuing. We’re obsessive, we have no lives, but get results.  It’s that simple.

Working as a Freelancer can be stressful, but brilliant if planned well. We are inspired by the stories of those living the stressful life. Too often have we heard Freelancers struggling to find work, and spending days searching the internet rather than doing the jobs that really matter such as working, perfecting their portfolio or learning new skills. We want our clients to have that time back. Sending out regular applications and proposals to LeadGuy leads will ensure you’re preparing for quiet spells ahead of time, with thoroughly vetted leads in just a few minutes a day.

 If you have any specific requests or questions, we’re always eager to accommodate. We’re excited for the opportunity to help Freelancers succeed and are eager to make this journey together with you.

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