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The use of cookies when you visit our site

This site uses cookies to enable users to help us understand visitor behaviour to better serve our customers and conduct our business. Unless you decide to deactivate your cookies, you agree that this site may use them. We have outlined methods below on how to deactivate cookies, which may be done at any time and free of charge. This may reduce the functionality of our website.

What is a cookie and how is it used

When you visit our site, information relating to the site navigation of your device on the site may be recorded in text files named “cookies”, installed on your browser. The cookies will be used to recognise your browser as long as they remain valid.

Only the creator of the cookie concerned is likely to read the information in it.

Some cookies are essential for using sites whilst some are used to help optimise it, they are also used to:

  • Measure and analyse the frequency of visits and the use of our site, its sections and services offered, enabling us to carry out research to make our site and services more relevant and useful.
  • Save information relating, for example, to forms you complete, or services and information you select (for example in our portal)

Cookies placed on our website by third parties

Our site is likely to contain cookies set by third parties (for example analytical companies) enabling them, for as long as their cookies remain valid, to:

  • Collect browsing information relating to visitors to our site

You may at any time prevent these third party cookies from collecting your information using the methods provided later in this policy.

The setting and use of cookies by these companies are subject to their own terms and conditions of use.

Withdrawing consent using your browser or device settings

The easiest way to withdraw your consent to Cookies is via the settings of the browser or device you are using to access our services. Internet browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Edge have settings that allow you to control the way your information is collected and shared. Typically, these browsers allow you to view all the cookies they are storing on your device, delete your cache of cookies, and adjust your preferences for future collection. Guides on how to access and use such functionality are available at This may affect website and service functionality.

Many browsers and other third parties provide specialised ad-blocking software, ‘extensions’ or tools that enable you to block the use of all cookies for advertising purposes. If you access our services from an iOS or Android device, you can also control how your information is used for advertising purposes in your device settings.

You can find some helpful information about how to manage and limit your exposure to online interest-based advertising more generally at http://optout.aboutads.info and You can use these services to opt-out of the majority of interest-based advertising on our services.

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