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LeadGuy is a lead curation service for remote freelance workers across various skills. We scrape and search websites and publications both online and offline, in various countries and languages to bring you high quality leads and deliver them to your inbox. 5 days a week. All of our leads are vetted to ensure they provide a fair salary and are available for remote work.

For less than 67¢ per day, you can receive leads from our curation experts acquired over hours of searching. All emails come with contact information for the company to send your proposal/application to and all extra relevant information. 

Frequently asked questions

We cater for Graphic Designers, Full Stack Web Developers, Web Designers (Mobile, UI &UX), and those proficient in HTML/CSS, Javascript, 

When signing up, just tick the relevant email lists you want to be added to to receive leads related to these skills.

We send out leads 5 days a week. However, projects posted online are not under our control, therefore we cannot guarantee the number posted each day. Additionally, certain days tend to naturally see more postings than others. We strive to be strict with criteria for leads we send out to maintain their high quality, and will not reduce our standards just to push out a higher number of emails.

You could, if you have all the resources. However, searching job boards, forums, trade publication and a host of other sites takes hours, your billable hours, or all day. Even just a couple of hours a day could run into hundreds of dollars of costs by the end of the month, particularly if you employ someone to do it. And they don’t have the experience we do. Alternatively, we are offering $19.99 for an entire month of continuous searching, the cost of hiring somebody to do it for a couple of hours. Bargain.

No. We would love to, but we provide the leads, not the work. It is your responsibility to put your best application or proposal forward and win the project. We only provide a steady, consistent flow of quality leads to apply to. Nobody is going to win them all, but by spending less time searching for opportunities, you will have more time to increase your value to potential clients.

Unless you have the most incredible portfolio and resume, LeadGuy is best used to add to your current client acquisition funnels, and to help fill those quiet moments. All too often, Freelancers wait until their dry spells before searching for new work. LeadGuy can be used effectively to send out a regular, targeted, steady stream of applications/proposals to give you the best chance of tying up work before that dry spell hit, but unless you are a master of applications, you won’t win every time.

You are given the option when you sign up, these can be changed on your portal, which you can find a link to at the bottom of the page.

Log into the portal or click on the unsubscribe link in one of our lead emails. The unsubscribe link is located in there.

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